We specialise in the manufacture of rubber and metal-rubber products for automotive industry. Components which we manufacture , meet the requirements of this sector.: quality, safety, low costs, just-in-time delivery.   Products made for our customers in the framework of cooperation, are used in components designed for many global companies. We support our clients during […]

Fluoroelastomer (FKM, FPM) seals

Viton® Gasket Requirements. The constant technological development of machines, devices and cars has resulted in growing expectations regarding the strength of the moulded products used, including technical seals. In such cases, Gumet, as a manufacturer of technical seals, very often recommends the use of a Viton® gasket that meets the requirements of: resistance at high […]

Oil seals

Oil seal is used to seal rotating shafts.Oil seals are also known as rubber oil seals, oil gaskets, dirt seals.   An oil seal is a component consisting of a metal insert (metal case) covered by rubber and with a sealing lip. Additionally, oil seals intended for use in highly contaminated conditions may have one […]

ABS rings

We use results of research and development works in order to implement the RGM® (RubberGraphMagnetic®) technology, which will be used to produce ABS – MGC® cassettes (Magnetic Graphene Cassette®) ABS is an element of the braking system in motor vehicles. Its purpose is to prevent wheels from locking up when braking. ABS prevents the dangerous […]

Cryogenic cleaning

Z przyjemnością przedstawiamy naszą innowacyjną usługę kriogenicznego usuwania wypływek dla branży produkcyjnej. Proces kriogenicznego usuwania wypływek w prowadzonym przez Firmę Gumet procesie produkcji wykorzystuje ciekły azot, który jest substancją chłodzącą o bardzo niskiej temperaturze. Wprowadzany ciekły azot w kontrolowany sposób zamraża nadlewy gumy, co powoduje ich skruszenie i stwardnienie. Następnie strumień granulatu usuwa nadlewy (wypływki) […]

Braille tools

Gumet produce rotary patches (male braille embossing tools) for the following machines: BOBST (AccuBraille): 4 lines 5 lines   HEIDELBERG (Diana Braille): 4 lines 5 lines   We also make steel patches used in die-cutting machines – in sizes from 1 to 6 Braille lines. Function: embossing Braille points on packagings for pharmacy. We are […]

Plastic products

Gumet produces plastic products, specializing in the production of components from advanced engineering plastics. We produce products using injection molding machines: Arburg 400cc Kraus Maffei 200cc The main materials we use: PA66GF30 PA66GF50 PEEK We produce products with advanced construction and technical properties primarily for industrial customers: – automotive industry (nuts, housings, etc.) – bearing […]

Balls for ball mills

The principle of operation of steel balls as grinding media for a ball mill. In modern industry, it is often necessary to grind various substances, minerals or homogenize a mixture of raw materials. For this purpose, a ball mill is used, in which the functions of the grinding media are performed by the appropriate balls […]

Rubber glands

Uszczelki in situ są to dławice gumowe, które służą do zabezpieczania i uszczelniania połączeń miedzy rurą a zbiornikiem. Czasem są nazywane uszczelkami wlotowymi lub uszczelkami kołnierzowymi wlotu. Głównym zadaniem dławic jest zabezpieczenie przed przenikaniem cieczy do wnętrza zbiornika i na jego zewnątrz: uniemożliwia eksfiltrację zanieczyszczeń z wnętrza studni do wód gruntowych, które może spowodować zanieczyszczenie […]

Rubber and rubber metal products

“Gumet” specialises in the manufacture of rubber and metal-rubber products. We cooperate with industrial customers who assemble our elements to their final goods. Most of our goods are manufactured in accordance with needs and requirements of our customers. We suggest our customers solutions which permi lowering of production costs, enlarging functionality or accelerating assembly, keeping […]