Plastic products

Gumet produces plastic products, specializing in the production of components from advanced engineering plastics. We produce products using injection molding machines:
  • Arburg 400cc
  • Kraus Maffei 200cc

The main materials we use:
  • PA66GF30
  • PA66GF50
  • PEEK

We produce products with advanced construction and technical properties primarily for industrial customers: – automotive industry (nuts, housings, etc.) – bearing manufacturers (bearing cages, washers, nuts, etc.) The basic plastics include:
  • PA6,
  • PA66,
  • PA46,
  • PC,
  • POM,
  • PET,
  • PE500

Advanced engineering plastics include:
  • PEEK,
  • PPS,
  • PBI,
  • PAI,
  • PI,
  • PPSU,
  • PSU

In relation to basic plastics, advanced engineering plastics stand out among others:
  • higher continuous operation temperature (> 150°C),
  • greater stiffness and creep resistance in a wider temperature range,
  • greater dimensional stability,
  • greater chemical resistance,
  • greater resistance to hydrolysis.

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