R&D project implemented at GUMET Sz. Geneja, Kozłowska, Latos Spółka Jawna: „Compact sealing system with magnetic liquid CMFS“

CONTRACT NUMBER: POIR.01.01.01-00-0488/19-00
PROJECT TITLE: Development of an innovative, compact sealing system with magnetic liquid CMFS (Compact Magnetic Fluid Seal)

Project description: a project implemented under the Smart Growth Operational Programme, measure 1.1. „R&D projects of enterprises”, Sub-measure 1.1.1 „Industrial research and development works carried out by enterprises” co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Project title: development of an innovative, compact sealing system with magnetic fluid CMFS (Compact Magnetic Fluid Seal )” with the application number POIR.01.01.01-00-0488/19

Objective of the project: the aim of the project is to develop an autonomous sealing system with a magnetic liquid that will cooperate with conventional rolling bearings and/or drive train assemblies. The newly developed sealing system will be an alternative to the commonly used contact lip seals. The seal is to be distinguished by its compact structure, which allows it to be used in most typical rolling bearing-seal joints.

Cassete solution Magnetic Fluid Seal , abbreviated as CMFS, is to create a liquid sealing ring from the magnetic liquid in the gap created by the pole pieces and the magnetic ring. In this system, the possibility of keeping magnetic liquids in a given place by means of a magnetic field is used. The CMFS system can be compared to the form of a liquid O- ring constituting a sealing barrier. The proposed solution is characterized by:

  • very low (close to 0) resistance to motion,
  • almost unlimited durability,
  • high tightness, both in static and dynamic conditions,
  • lack of sensitivity to displacements and vibrations of the sealing components,
  • compensation of dimensional deformations,
  • pressure compensation inside the sealed node,
  • automatic sealing of the joint after exceeding the breakthrough pressure,
  • a wide design spectrum enabling sealing with a magnetic liquid both on the
  • internal and external diameter using centrifugal force,
  • construction enabling the use of large and very large seals (modular)

Model of the CMFS

1 – Non-magnetic components (housing)
2 – magnetic elements – pole pieces
3 – permanent magnet
4 – magnetic liquid located in positions I and II

Construction drawing of the CMFS Cassette seal seal

Components of the CMFS seal

Static Critical Pressure (pcr)

As a standard, it is assumed that for classic contact seals, the static critical pressure is less than 20 kPa , the CMFS seal has achieved as much as 46 kPa

Measurement of the static critical pressure of the CMFS seal, where pcr is 46 kPa

The limit rotational speed of the system operation and the torque

The result obtained for the limit rotational speed: 12,000 rpm is much higher than for contact seals (8,000 rpm ). At the same time, we obtained a very low torque, which did not exceed 0.04 Nm – standard seals allow for a minimum of 0.1 Nm

Parameters during the speed test in the speed range 0-12000 rpm (0-16m/s)

Patent pending

As a result of research work under the project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund „Development of an innovative, compact sealing system with magnetic fluid CMFS (Compact Magnetic Fluid Seal )” we filed a patent application (P.41631) entitled: „Compact seals with magnetic fluid CMFS and the method of their production”