Fluoroelastomer (FKM, FPM) seals

Viton® Gasket Requirements.

The constant technological development of machines, devices and cars has resulted in growing expectations regarding the strength of the moulded products used, including technical seals. In such cases, Gumet, as a manufacturer of technical seals, very often recommends the use of a Viton® gasket that meets the requirements of:

resistance at high operating temperatures
resistance to high-tech greases and oils
fuel resistance
high chemical resistance
longer failure-free Operation

What does the name of the Viton® seal mean?

The Viton® gasket is a gasket made of a fluorine rubber compound known as the Viton® compound. It is a proprietary name of a rubber compound produced by the Chemours concern (formerly Du Pont). Viton® seals are very often also marked with the FKM or FPM symbol.

Features of FKM (FPM) seals:

Seals made of fluoroelastomer are commonly referred to as Viton® seal. A special feature of the Viton® gasket is its resistance to temperatures up to 230*C with good resistance to new generation synthetic greases and oils.

The combination of high operating temperatures and aggressive lubricants significantly shortens the service life of rubber seals or rubber-metal seals made of conventional rubber compounds. In this case, the use of the Viton® gasket allows the service intervals to be extended and in some cases almost eliminated.

Production of FKM rubber products (FPM)

Gumet is a Polish manufacturer of rubber and metal-rubber seals and has also been producing FKM seals for nearly 10 years. The production of seals according to the recipient’s documentation, i.e. non-standard technical seals, is applicable to customers in the following industry:

  • automotive (sealants, simerings, moulded products)
  • bearing production (RS bearing seals)
  • machine indust
  • energy industry


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