Oil seals

Oil seal is used to seal rotating shafts.
Oil seals are also known as

  • rubber oil seals,
  • oil gaskets,
  • dirt seals.


An oil seal is a component consisting of a metal insert (metal case) covered by rubber and with a sealing lip. Additionally, oil seals intended for use in highly contaminated conditions may have one more anti-dust lip. Garter spring is very often found in oil seals the job of which is to press the sealing lips to the surface of a rotating shaft.

A special type of oil seal is the cassette seal, which is a multi-lip version used in highly polluted environments (e.g. agricultural machinery).

Oil seals are used with rotating elements operating in oil, grease or other liquids. There are also oil-seals in a metal housing.

For the production of oil seals mainly NBR oil-resistant rubber mixtures are used (work at -40 ° C to 120 ° C), and in oil-seals that operate at elevated temperatures (-20 ° C to 220 ° C), a fluorine FKM compound is used, commonly known as Viton®.

The most widely used oil seals are in the

  • automotive industry,
  • machinery industry,
  • agricultural industry.


Gumet has been producing oil seals for over 20 years, gaining extensive experience in this field. We mainly produce non-standard oil-seals according to technical documentation and specific requirements of end customers, mainly from the automotive industry and agricultural machinery

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