Bearing seals

“Gumet” has been producing bearing seals from the beginning of its activity, which is from 1985. We have great experience in this range, which permits to fulfil requirements demanded by bearings manufacturers.

The dimension range of produced seals covers all typical bearings in which rubber seals are applied.

We produce many types of seals, such as RS, RSR, BRS, BARS and others, always in accordance with requirements of our customers.

Metal plate: a suitably shaped metal ring which stiffens a seal. Metal inserts are produced by “Gumet” on their own presses. Metal plate surface is specially prepared to guarantee best rubber adhesive and high anticorrosive protection. (see production process)

Rubber: for production are used different kinds of rubber blends, always well-chosen to the requirements of customers. NBR and ACM are most often applied for the production of bearing seals. (see raw materials)

Rubber blends must have good resistance not only for temperatures but also for greases applied to filling of bearings.

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