Plastic injection

Gumet also specializes in the production of plastic products, especially in creating components from advanced construction materials. Our production processes are based on the use of modern injection molding machines, such as:
  • Arburg 400cc
  • Kraus Maffei 200 cm3,
which allows us flexibility and high quality of our products.

In our production, we focus on three main types of compounds:
  • PA66GF30,
  • PA66GF50
  • PEEK
These advanced materials allow us to create products with unique design and technical parameters that are used mainly in industry.

Our products enjoy the trust of industrial customers, and our clients include representatives of various industries. We cooperate with the automotive sector, providing them with necessary elements such as nuts, housings and other components. In addition, we support bearing manufacturers by providing them with bearing cages, washers, nuts and other necessary parts.

Thanks to advanced technology and experience, we are able to meet the requirements of even the most demanding industrial customers. Our products are not only durable and resistant, but also meet the highest quality standards, which makes our company a worthy partner for any company looking for high-quality plastics solutions.